Your contributions to the Committee on Political Education (COPE) allow us to continue building our political influence and to support important initiatives and California candidates particularly candidates for our own San Jose Evergreen Community College District Board of Trustees. We endorse candidates for the Board of Trustee positions and work very closely with our elected Board to ensure that they are aware of the concerns and needs of faculty. It is important to remember that money is critical to having a voice and influence in politics and in today’s world politics permeates our profession in so many ways.

With COPE contributions, your Union defended the rights of faculty against assaults from the governor. We fought to maintain full tenure rights, protect our STRS (retirement) funds and our right to organize as a union. We also used our COPE funds to organize for and enable the Community College Initiative to be placed on the February 2008 ballot. This initiative will ensure adequate and additional funding for Community Colleges and lower fees for students to $15.00 per unit.

In conjunction with the AFT 6157 Executive Board, COPE endorses candidates and allocates resources from the fund. Anyone contributing to the COPE fund is a member of COPE. We encourage all faculty to join COPE and help build our political strength. Every dollar helps.

Your contributions and participation in COPE are critical to our efforts to build political influence and successfully address faculty interests.