San Jose/Evergreen Federation of Teachers
American Federation of Teachers (AFT) 6157

Revised May 2020

Article One – Statement of Purpose

Article Two – Nominations and Elections

Article Three – Ratification of Collective Bargaining Agreements

Article Four – Voting Period-For Elections, Ratifications, Petitions and Recalls

Article Five – Terms of Office and Duties

Article Six – Committees and Duties

The AFT 6157 Executive Board establishes the following committees:

Article Seven – Recall of Elected Officer

Article Eight – Parliamentary Procedure

Article Nine – Petitions of the Membership

Article Ten – Council of Division Representatives

Council of Division Representatives (SJCC AND EVC): Facilitate communication within the union membership.

President, Steven Mentor

Vice President, Jessica Breheny

Fiscal Officer, Linda Ferrell

EVC Representative, Nasreen Rahim

EVC Representative, Al Gonzalez

EVC Adjunct Representative, Lisa Bell

EVC Adjunct Representative, Liz Falvey

SJCC Representative, Doug Robb

SJCC Representative, Dedrick Griffin, interim

SJCC Adjunct Representative, Barry Del Buono

SJCC Adjunct Representative, Carol Abohatab