Revised May 2020

Article One – Name

Article Two – Objectives

Article Three – Membership

Article Four – Dues

Article Five – Officers

The voting Executive Officers shall be:

Proxies shall not be used for Executive Officers.

Ex Officio Members (Non-voting ex-officio members of the Executive Board)

Representation on the Executive Board has been configured based on the current membership numbers.  If there is substantial growth in faculty members represented by the AFT, the Executive Board may create a new Executive Board position and appoint a member until the next election.

Article Six – Executive Board

Article Seven – Membership Meetings

Article Eight – Quorum

Article Nine – Amendments

President, Jessica Breheny

Vice President, Steven Mentor

Fiscal Officer, Linda Ferrell

EVC Representative, Nasreen Rahim

EVC Representative, Al Gonzalez

EVC Adjunct Representative, Lisa Bell

EVC Adjunct Representative, Kathy Jasper

SJCC Representative, Doug Robb

SJCC Representative, Tait Rafat

SJCC Adjunct Representative, Barry Del Buono

SJCC Adjunct Representative, Carol Abohatab